About us

“Stamatelis” company has been established in 1980. It operates in the sector of manufacturing and trade seat and polyurethane products. Our company is located in Athens, at Metamorphosi.

Our production consists of:

  • molded foam seats with metal
  • motorcycle saddles and foam products
  • manufacturing molds for foam
  • metal manufacturing for office chairs
  • products of rigid polyurethane
  • black polyurethane products (arm rests)
  • polyurethane products for playgrounds (infant – children swings) and sports facilities
  • custom made molds and special use products.

It is equipped with modern machinery and its personnel are highly skilled.

Our company uses DOW CHEMICAL foam products and metals from certified Greek manufacturers.

We have the infrastructure to sustain and carry out orders, even of small quantities, and to deliver without delay. We have flexibility in choosing and manufacturing different kinds of designs and products. Our competitive prices guarantee the high level service of our clients.